Commercial and industrial directory in China

Industrial cities spread in China, which has become her biggest economy in the world, and there is many of major markets, each of it specializes in specific types of goods.

Yiwu city

Among the most important markets of China, Huang Yang market in Zhejiang province, in Yiwu city, famous for trade in sporting goods, and office supplies, schools, industrial and fixtures and fittings, as well as watches, bags, footwear and electronic devices.

Zhejiang province

The second market, it Alfotaan market in Zhejiang province, this market is located in the heart of Yiwu City, one of the most important commercial centres in  Asia, as it is located on a very large area and is divided into several sections.


The first section of the market, specialized women’s jewellerys, flowers, plants, gifts and works of art and decoration, with respect to the second section bags, electronics, building materials and household appliances.


The third section contains the school supplies, sports equipment, optical and medical equipment, as well as cosmetics, perfumes and sewing supplies.


Section 4 specializes in shoes and belts, hats, clothing, and Section 5 specializes in Fabrics and yarn, automobile accessories.


The third market is the market between San Xiao, in Zhejiang Province, is famous for this market games and accessories everyday home, along with handicrafts, and electronic devices.


In Bing Wang market, the province itself, we find five sections, it contains the first of the underwear and bedding, and the second on the children’s clothes, and the third on foods and nutrients, and the fourth is on the clothes and ties, fifth on fabrics and garment accessories.


List the most famous industrial and commercial cities in Zhejiang Province, the largest and most prominent and the most famous, as well as cities in other provinces:

Industrial City Boggion (crystal and precious stones)

 Guanzhou city (with the thread factories – printers and inks – chemicals) – Kochao City (fabrics, curtains and upholstery) –

Wenzhou City (clothing – automotive supplies – sanitary ware – construction materials)

Jankhua City (office equipment – manufacturing industries – Home Appliances)

Ningbo city (clothing – air conditioners – solar energy systems) specializes in this city, men’s clothing or, air conditioners, solar energy systems, and electrical industries, and auto parts

city Huizeo (children’s clothes – wood floors).

city Yongang (Industrial equipment – motorcycles – doors).

the city of Taizhou (plastic – sanitary ware).

city Chuzu (traditional jewellery – chemical products).


Jiangsu Province: these famous cities and industrial province, the production of chemicals, fertilizers, iron and steel, automobiles and equipment factories, equipment and medical devices

Anhui Province: This province is interested in several industries notably electrical and chemical industries and coal.


Guangdong Province: major industrial cities are Shenzhen and Guangzhou and is interested in this county electronics and mobile phones, computers and spare parts, as well as cameras and copiers.


Khobh County: specializes in this county industries most notably the textile, ceramics and different kinds of drugs and agricultural fertilizers.


Jiechi County: This County is interested industry marble, granite and ceramic tiles of all kinds.


Greater Shanghai City:  It is the economic capital of China and has a large number of factories, most notably Heavy industry, industrial equipment and spare parts for the various mechanisms factories.


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